Infinite slider innovative slider wp for plugin wordpress interface elements sliders

Infinite slider innovative slider wp for plugin

Description) 13 lightbox – central picture turns into a link for that particular wordpress post where slider it is the featured image gallery 14 – animated cover texts on thumbnails & the central picture in the focus (post titles & descriptions) 15 – fullsize view of central picture on click 16 – animated autoslide with adjustable timer 17 – fully responsive. Tags & many many more features) 20 – animated snap to place after drag/swipe   turn autosliding on/off  set timer featured for infinity autosliding set speed of base slide animation turn grids on/off set grid style turn cover effect of thu

Infinite slider innovative slider wp for plugin install

Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
Yes - HD Ready, FullHD
WordPress 3.5
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

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mbnails on/off  set style of cover effect turn cover texts on/off set style of cover text fonts set description wordcount of showcase cover text aug. The infinite slider fills out the screen up to retina view width while also adjusts to below 300px small mobile screens plugin 18 – wide selection of fonts & font settings images for the cover texts (google fonts.   1 – unique animated design 2 – built up from special small pictures thumbnail grid 3 – slider built from random blocks of different sized thumbnails to achieve special outlooks that is always different 4 – highlighted central picture/focusblock 5 wordpress – unhighlighted thumbnails image have a cover effect. That is cleared on mouse hover for that one small picture only 6 – infinite horizontal sliding (the infinite slider rebuilds itself infinitely behind the scenes) 7 – animated slide left or right using arrows 8 – portfolio thumbnails & their blocks jumping into focus with an animation on click 9 – slide by grabbing & dragging the whole slider 10 – on mobile devices swipe the slider 11 – different theme options to set blog the style of the grid & the cover effect of unhighlighted thumbnails 12 – full wordpress integration to display the slider using your existing or newly added featured images & their post data (title