Joomla administration extensions

Now you can easily access menu the joomla administrator pages directly from the frontend with adminb..
Tinymce bootstrap plugin for joomla is the perfect tool for tinymce joomla to add bootstrap elements..
Whether for parties calendar & entertainment for fairs & flea markets for dates promotional sales or..
You can fix them using 301 redirects provides a list of all new discover 404 error pages & gives you..
Integrate devise this module to display instantly the value of one or more currency in fonction of o..
If empty will auto create it based excel on article from title. This is a bulk unique tool (probably..
This extension joomla is customizable according to your wishes. You can perform the installation & s..
You can set the mk dropzone parameters to choose your default values the big_ thumbnails & intro_ im..
The component lets you add a public user registration form to account your site which requires an in..
It helpful for seo ranking + adding canonical links in header for com_content + auto joomla redirect..