Joomla Extensions

Clicking on a new menu item will automatically close the module previous one. Any use menu items tha..
Using click module option is useful for you because css you won’t be redirected to other page. The m..
This extension will display the same ip hacking address the web module will automatically match with..
Choose among 8 different extensions styles & configure them with portfolio the available options. Mk..
• joomla easy to install / use • use metric or imperial units • unlimited color options • forecast o..
A content plugin to javascript allow you to display all keywords information easily & automatically ..
Supports joomla 3 super fast & lightweight adapated for bootstrap data validation quick on the fly a..
Joomla all in one is the revolutionary module for joomla to add you own content for your portfolio m..
Support many attractive lightbox types plugin javascript. Able css to add plugin in each item or cat..
See the module’s output at header the right sidebar url in live preview page. Visitor will think bas..
Supports joomla 3 adapted lightweight for bootstrap theme selector with 3 custom styles labels easy ..
Simply use in any area like sidebar or game hospital footer no coding knowledge body or expertise re..
Add scientific calculator in school your joomla website to exam let visitor calculate just in the we..
Stability & providing best experience for image user with any joomla powerful resizable roundabout j..
This plugin qrcodes enables you to integrate a qr codes generator for into your joomla pages using a..
To check the sample integration file please follow this file {plugins/content/facebook_comment/exts/..
Front end drag & drop page rotator slideshow builder front end drag & drop content slider builder fr..
Is an amazing email contact subscriber module which allows the site admin joomla to set subscription..
This module also support 2 images for 1 item in each tile in order to animate images within joomla t..
How to the extension will automatically match with convert your template’s color & measurement style..