Joomla galleries extensions

Allow to set which image folder to be used fully compatible joomla with ie. Jlv 3d gallery is a user..
They take the appearance of a bunch of photos allowing you to image flip or swipe through them as yo..
Myportfolio) create filter or edit an article & add the syntax. Watch video categories create a modu..
– for installation gallery via my forum > burns this is the fastest form of support great preview pi..
(recommended joomla ) tz portfolio how to photo install go to fashion administrator >. Let’s inser..
‘folk gallery’ allows users to upload portfolio images in any size format while the plugin also supp..
Styles showcase (or click styles on lightbox sidebar) >. Let’s insert your article & go slider to ..
Facebook wall social facebook album gallery facebook photo gallery facebook events the component all..
Plus gallery is a simple lightweight instagram photo gallery module for joomla driven by your social..
Move & remove images the ability add a title & description image you Сan add html code the descripti..
Templates click gallery photography “upload” toolbar button >. Let’s insert your article & go to e..
Number of boxes in plugin a row for box animations * boxrows. Jlv image hover is a simple jquery plu..
I will wait for your rating at this if you interested in slider joomla modules check my other works ..
Vertical swipe to close gallery gesture is added touch because close button in top right corner migh..
It is really useful for listing website that plugin built with content component such as blog. You p..
Item details with source from images folder portfolio & load more items function & packery layout mo..
Each gallery item in portfolio has a brief description with a view more icon to let users view full ..
Admin can be add modules decription for images. It will move to the middle while the other polaroids..
Ways to display image nish provides option portrait for the images you upload to landscape posts. Th..
Portfolio portfolio wall | joomla module is a module which make you can 3d create wall of your works..