Joomla utilities

Dont index class to that heading tag joomla uses the auto created hashlinks to access a certain head..
Adding your css attributes to the reserved selectors of its css file. Iprice has 8 preset stylesheet..
} you can write popups more complex shortcode to create one of the 4 messages different alert types ..
Add stats google analytics code auto event tracking for downloads. Mailto & outbound tracking links ..
Fontawesome icon or the number of registered users multiple chart instances allowed circle inside th..
Jux coming soon also integrate with acymailing as an optional email newsletter service plugin in ord..
The module create a new user & save it (using the email as a username it generate a joomla random pa..
Changelog version (16 may file 2016) initial release. Description file download calendar for joomla ..
You can also set initial view as calendar extension or event list. Description tiva events calendar ..
Quick overview any application number of forms any number of fields 4 different layouts anti spam me..
Ttf & js font can be loaded ability to add font weight live demo section for adobeĀ® edge web fonts t..
Reqs or want a insert new feature use the comments tab or send api us an email through profile page...
// script highlight features fully responsive real time weather forecast beautiful design with css 3..
Allowing for plugins to handle integration with other system (for developer) unlimited forms & numbe..
Easy installation simple configuration work with joomla & form & compatible to all browsers. A new j..
Plugin detect the visitor ip geolocation details & redirect them to any of your block joomla specifi..
Your data is collected in a fast tracking & gadwp secure mannerĀ  google analytics dashboard uses oau..
Inews is compatible with all joomla. Module to display latest articles of joomla. Show article image..
Fully responsive cross browser compatible support all of tab the joomla. Sub versions 14 preset styl..