Knowledge minervakb base analytics for with wordpress

Knowledge minervakb base analytics for with wordpress
For easier save button access on long sections * added error notifications on failed save/restore actions * improved theme compatibility when using plugin templates * added option to remove tags archive & tag links from articles * added setting for number of articles per page for base topics. Or 4 columns dynamic table of contents in articles custom post type slugs breadcrumbs on topics & articles pages nested categories support multiple sidebars for each page type optionally can display page content on knowledge base page icons for topics or articles (600+ icons) show or hide article views. Tags

Knowledge minervakb base analytics for with wordpress install

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& search results page * added preview link to home page selector to quickly open kb home page * compatibility checked with wordpress * scroll offset option changed to use positive values instead of negatives by default * fixed documentation shortcodes in page builder page content section wiki * fixed bug with feedback form not appearing without rating message enabled * fixed bug with article appearing twice if matched by content & by tag * fixed bug with live search finding draft articles * improved performance a little version – feb. * added search in articles * kb added search in topics * added possibility to use images instead of icons for topics * configuration settings added for all visible text so you can easily localize knowledge base wordpress without wpml or other plugins * option to remove like / dislike icon * added separate defaults for search shortcode * fixed. Now you can choose between plugin & theme pagination * added theme compatibility settings (include/exclude header & tutorials footer) * fixed bug with notice articles about is_tax called incorrectly * fixed width issues for themes that use flexbox display mode and/or content box css model * major code cleanup & refactor * public hooks api rewritten * search results now returned by relevance * login form width fixed on mobile * added table of contents scroll offset option * twenty seventeen theme css fixes * eduma theme compatibility fixed version – feb