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Live composer front end builder page wordpress
Element modules accordion button image infobox notification progress bar separator slider social tabs text widgets html posts page modules posts ( all post types ) blog downloads galleries partners projects staff testimonials woocommerce post template modules comments comment form content download button gallery slider meta thumbnail excerpt updates may 28th 2014 ( ) bugs sometimes when editing text ( the wysiwyg ) the current content does not show in the editor meta module class drag issue tabs. Accordion modules backspace front-end not working when editing titles product module altering defaults

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE9, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PNG, PHP
WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.9

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does not work improvements all post modules do not show any of the thumbnail elements if post does not have a thumbnail all post modules newer/older ( prev/next ) pagination option added image module options to resize the image's height & width 71 new icons ( font awesome ) template staff module option to enable/disable linking to the single staff member page separator thickness option load the fonts that are needed for lc mode only when lc mode is active may 6th 2014 ( ) composer bugs password protected lc pages didn't show the password prompt error when a module that no longer exists is on a page error when a styling option is added in functionality section meta module all cateogies/tags were shown instead only the ones that are attached to the post. Drop feature from a theme bug when changing the modules filter when the modules listing is scrolled page scrolls wordpress to top when changing vertical padding on a row issue with parallax feature on long pages product price css issue carousel item spacing not correct icons not being properly centered error messages on 404 page issue with content not being properly returned when no lc content added danyduchaine ( on some themes ) backspace key ( when not live in an input ) going back to previous page products module. Infobox module title slashes issue improvements single post module now available when templating system disabled removed fadein/fadeout animations on module/area/row hover for a more smoother experience ( fading slowed things down ) contributors added as a possible option for access control no calling of webfont when the font is a regular one all modules justify visual added as text align option text module frontend content styling changes now affect paragraphs as well text module margin bottom option for paragraphs blog module additional class added for blog posts regarding their format. Blog post format theformat meta module the categories/tags now link to their archive page april 17th 2014 ( ) bugs next tutorial link ( at the end of a tutorial ) not working css issues with comments builder module testimonials slug wrong single download page returns 404 gallery slider module default animation type wrong plugin gallery slider module width sligtly bigger than container gallery slider module border radius not affecting image testimonials module layout issue when author set on right side meta module the spacing option ( between the meta sections ) affects each category ( & tag ) making too much spacing wysiwyg editor some actions broken ( wordpress related ) accordion & drop tabs content editing broken improvements do shortcode on [dslc_custom_field] shortcode output thumbnail module bottom margin option april 10th 2014 ( ) bugs wp classes on non singular pages ( archive