Media wordpress

Media wordpress

The player is an instance custom of the popular & stable html jplayer by happyworm & can be inserted into posts blue via a playlist shortcode. Webm this monday 5 player will styling play local or shortcode external media file of the above types when provided with a valid url. A play generator counter check out the customizable live preview & look at the faqs for instructions on use & jplayer answers to skin questions. Updates feed == flash changelog == = = * codecanyon release = = * player now shows hour time slot for duration in files over one hour long = = * media file urls are now encrypted

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IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
WordPress 3.5
CSS, JavaScript JS, Layered PSD, PHP, SWF/FLV

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in page source * settings panel added for style customization of player = = * support for playlists added * stronger css for templates customized via the settings panel * issue with hide/show of settings panel color picker in chrome fixed * audio letter spacing preview in settings panel fixed = = * playlists are now continuous play * playlists are now able to preload first file * fixes bug in widget admin where playlist item entries were not able to be deleted = = * sporadic javascript bug fixed in views/ that prevented the playing of files = = * fixes bug introduced by wp that prevents the wp media media button from rendering in post edit = = * fixes bug introduced by that throws an error on the options display. Playlist & single player audio & video adjust colors & style via a settings panel supports multiple players per page default display template included override default display with custom tag templates auto play looping file upload preload wordpress media allows the addition of an html 5 audio and/or video player to your theme