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The module contains several predefined skins & allows you to extend it with custom skins & to customize with css in order to integrate with your theme & to provide better user experience. Including drupal blocks & html code use images & icons in menu items smart megamenu handling of menu layouts clean bem/smacss css files & styles structure built in right to left support important notes & limitations mega menu for drupal 8 needs to dropdown be styled manually to adopt the look & feel of custom drupal themes responsive. Mega menu is a navigation module that is built on top of the drupal 8 core menu

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP
Drupal 8.2.x

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system & inherits all of the core menu system’s capabilities mega. You’ll not be link drupal able to use twig templates for changing menus with enabled mega menu because the module uses custom twig function with very complex logic for generating the menu’s output. Features integration with core drupal 8 menu system wide variety of menu items easy integration with your themes extend look & feel with custom skins & css styles built in responsive styles & support for touch screens fully accessible for screen readers add any custom content