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– jus_a_girl i have ip never been disappointed with a kiddie login purchase i have made from webfactory. Protect login & register forms with exploit captcha – test automatically ban ips that brute force attack you detailed log permissions of all login related activities redirect users based on roles & usernames get email notifications for all login events protect site scan from brute force login attacks stop bots from registering manually ban any ip native. – protect mavjarro august 14th 2013 * wp compatibility fixes december authentication 17th 2012 * compatibility fixes june 1th website 2012

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* fixed some small hack bugs march 25th 2012 * add color. Text & noise script options for ban captcha image * fixed some small bugs march 21st 2012 * fixed 2 bugs (thank you mavjarro) defender march 20th 2012 * initial hackers release. Already have password security ninja & i really feel my site captcha is much more secure