Of the box dropbox wordpress for plugin of utilities

Of the box dropbox wordpress for plugin of

You can set the required capabilities by yourself with wordpress capabilities secure oauth dropbox 2 authentication powerful but video intuitive shortcode generator wordpress gallery multi site supported multi language supported & finally… all elements are responsive. Deletefilesrole bug fix upload function bug fix zipping multiple files bug fix css = (22 november 13)= added overlay download for images or pdf files added some extra options to the shortcode generator bug fixes gallery bug fix renaming folders = (2 november 13)= added zip functionality. Delete & rename files & sharing folders do

Of the box dropbox wordpress for plugin of install

Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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wnload files as zip file search your dropbox for files & folders if needed you cloud can restrict users so they are only able to use their ‘own’ dropbox folder gallery great looking grid with lightbox with or without cropping folder thumbnails filesystem shows whats inside the folder customize image row height shuffle images add. Choose which files you would like to download or download all files at once added shortlinks functionality improved user audio folders functionality improved thumbnail function improved plugin settings page bug fix shortcode generator bug fix filenames file browser bug fix downloading files = player (14 oktober 13)= critical security bug fixed replaced wordpress capabilities with roles. Updated shortcode generator = (7 oktober 13) = critical bug fix uploading files to dropbox multiple fixes involving adding/renaming/deleting of files & folders improved file browsing removed sessions for out of the box information added some css = (25 september 13) = bug fix ‘addfolder’ parameter in shortcode gallery = (21 september 13) = bug fix location cache files = filelist (19 september 13) = improved admin interface replaced fileupload temp directory with wordpress own you can use attachments images out of the box without ssl certificate now = (17 september 13) = added a html5 audio/video player with flash fallback added gallery = (10 september 13) = initial release version