Oscommerce wspay payment gateway plugins

Oscommerce wspay payment gateway

Refund) the ability to collect in several installments (depending on the card) faster authorization & delivery of services increases business results accepting multiple credit cards increases the number of potential buyers accepting bank (debit) card covers the segment of customers who do not have a credit card easy to plan & manage operating costs protection from fraud using stolen card different models connect to the system make it easy to implement in existing web store the payment process module is redirect one. The payment process uses security hashing to transfer gateway the data & the

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osCommerce 2.3.3, osCommerce 2.3.x

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payment itself is made on a secure wspay page. After the payments is complete the customers will be oscommerce redirected back to your merchant store & presented with a thank you/receipt page. Visa electron fixed costs of using the system regardless of the number & volume of transactions 3 types wspay of connecting online grocery system (xml. Discover (only contracted accept diners club cards) on line authorization & payment of bank (debit) card – maestro (all bank)