Wordpress other interface elements

Wordpress admin theme (wat) is a wordpress plugin to customize template the entire look of your word..
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This plugin allows you to line easily add & integrate stacked charts & graphs into your posts & page..
Easy to add & display history or timeline for slider your wordpress website. This plugin create awes..
This helps to increase links the pageviews of your website post & decrease your bounce rate as visit..
Fullscreen animated modal | magnificent responsive popup wordpress plugin that provide a magnificent..
Electric appliances cost calculator is a wordpress plugin in which you can set consumption kwh elect..
In this way your users will be more involved & will stay wordpress connected longer. Ctl arcade will..
Always use the latest icon version the script is using the latest font awesome version all the time...
You slideshow can customize it gaussian batch to display in a certain post/page only. Right now the ..
Choose from 24 different customisable banner layouts we created banners just for your needs. Banners..
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Configuration superfast post map loading 5 handpicked google maps styles custom markers fully respon..
View admin demo features cpt custom post type custom taxonomy geo advanced custom fields term taxono..
Columns options blogging + classic v boxed layout) magazine newspaper 2 block(classic v boxed layout..
This pack is truly awesome & unique in its design & usability bullets. Bullet list features fully wo..
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Addressed potential ios 7 icon display issue added widget content support (+ appropriate documentati..
This pack is truly awesome & unique in its design & reviewing usability. Choose from +20 different i..
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