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Parallax tab from showing up in lower versions of visual composer * added better documentation version * added new video options for fixing vertical & horizontal black bars * added a youtube option for fine tuning the full-width loop timing (vimeo already does looping well) * the row background color is now copied over to the parallax background. The parallax field does not appear page * parallax parameters now do not have conflicts if other parallax addons are currently installed * placed additional information for the vc parallax fields version * when used in visual composer. Now achieving x2

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11, Opera, Safari
CSS, JavaScript JS, LESS, PHP
WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.9

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fps addons from requestanimationframe * better handling for the down direction * fixed bug where the down direction had the wrong image offsets * fixed bug where gaps sometimes appeared for rows with negative margins version * fixed bug when the parallax in some themes fail to break out of its container width properly * fixed bug margins were not being taken into account for the parallax width version * added ability to span across multiple rows * fixed bug where background size properties weren't being followed * fixed bug builder where unnecessary html was being generated for non parallax rows version * now applies background attachment. Fixed to up & image down directions for less jitter scrolling * fixed bug where background repeat properties weren't being followed version * added ability for parallax to break out of it's containers * added an option to disable / enable the parallax effect on mobile devices version * rewrote script * now composer supports up. Great for transparent background images * fixed bug where a test variable was left & causing errors to show up in debug mode * fixed bug where inputting a video id then setting back to parallax still shows the video * fixed some minor javascript undefined notices * segregated scripts & styles to their own files * cleaned up all javascript code with jshint * all styles & scripts are effect now minified version * fixed bug where the original background image was still being shown behind the parallax in visual composer * added clearer instructions on where to add the background image version * new feature