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Version & compatibility webinse order pdf extension version is compatible with magento community edition version click here to see the documentation updates feb 15 2016 – version magento 6778 patch compability jul 03 2015 – version reformatted code with webinse style jun 19 2015 – version compatibility with print enterprise edition fixed styles for pdf. Changed observer additional input field for image uploading jul 25 2014 – version changed logic to output 'ordered items' block added new feature for printing pdf in the landskape orientation minor bugfixes jul 17 2014 – version added "footer"

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block to pdf document added "price" & "row totals" to the "items ordered" block more information in the "order totals" block minor bugfixes jun 18 2014 – version minor bugfixes may 21 2014 – version add totals block to pdf minor bugfixes may 20 2014 – version minor bugfixes may 20 2014 – version added possibility to magento insert logo & company information added color picker improved pdf design minor bugfixes apr 23 2014 – version usability & design improvements apr 10 2014 – version added information about webinse to system configuration. Base into information account information billing address shipping address payment plugin information shipping &. Handing information items ordered order totals also you can change some styles in pdf such as font size. Features possibility to insert logo & company information to pdf deep customization (with color picker) you can add or delete to pdf orders module order blocks such as