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* wordpress fixed bug that duplicated legend version (25/03/2014) * added chart legends to pie. Doughnut & radar charts * changed certain style options to display as dropdowns instead of inputs version (22/03/2014) * fixed bug that allowed some users to vote more than once if voting was set to one vote per user * poll fixed bug that did not allow charts to be 100% width version (26/02/2014) * added utf 8 support. Version (25/02/2014) * fixed bug that caused javascript errors when trying to load a poll version (19/02/2014) * fixed bug that displayed incorrect characters in input fields version (18/02/2014)

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CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP
WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.9

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* fixed issue with chart max width not being set correctly * updated default style options version (18/02/2014) * fixed bug in mysql statement version (17/02/2014) * added new shortcode to display random polls * fixed bug that prevented some users from being able to edit "style settings" options * added 'chart max width' to "chart settings" chartjs & fixed chart width issues * removed 'chart width' & 'chart height' from "chart settings" as they are no longer used. Animated chart types pie chart bar chart doughnut chart line chart radar chart polar chart bootstrap progress bars results options always show results before a user votes allow users to click a link to show results before voting only show results charts after a user has voted never show results screen shots doughnut chart. The results can be displayed in a number of fully customisable html5 animated charts 7 animated chart types for displaying voting results allows for multiple polls on a single page fully customisable responsive built using twitter bootstrap 3 uses