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Post required wordpress for fields

The tags plugin fully supports any custom post types out of the box & you can featured also add as many extra validation rules as you like using the plugin’s api. For the developers among you (or those brave enough to add a few workflow lines of php to your ) there is an api to add/remove your own publishing editing required fields too. Supports woocommerce automatic support for any custom post types extensible with fields custom rules using the api excerpt can be embedded in a theme default settings section can be hidden upload & activate the plugin. Check wordpress types the readme file i

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WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5
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ncluded in the download for more information on how to extend the default options & add custom validation rules to your image posts. Require title require content require custom excerpt require non required default category require tags require featured image minimum size for featured images when you editor add or edit a post & it doesn’t meet the requirements the relevant fields will be highlighted categories