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Take payments via paypal (optionally makes use of the paypal ipn ) auto renew subscriptions or just one off payments give posts premium status & a content level (for tiered access to content) hide entire posts via an easy to use write panel hide parts of posts using a [premium] shortcode front end subscription page with user registration built in – easily customisable with a new template page in your theme ip based hidden security to prevent users logging in at the same time & sharing a subscription admin section for managing subscribers. Paypal payments would sometimes return membership pending w

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hen it should private be completed * fix. Paypal payments wouldn't clear if one existed members earlier for that pack = 2012 content 07 31 = * fix. View our screencast detailing how to set up & use the wordpress premium ipn content plugin jigowatt’s wordpress premium subscribers content plugin allows you to easily set up a web site with content which is only accessible to users registered with an active paypal subscription. The plugin includes a front end subscription page with built in registration & there is premium ip based security to prevent subscription management sharing