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Reward advanced points pro
Reward points can be fixed or a percentage program of product price) create flexible shopping cart rules (reward points basing on total order. S total purchase with flexible conditions (shopping cart rule) reward fixed points or by percentage based on product price (configured in rule) use reward points loyalty. Create flexible spending rules basing on cart conditions create flexible spending rules basing on product conditions allow customers to use points on all or certain products disable using points on all or certain products allow to use reward unlimited. Reward customers for advance registering

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CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP
OpenCart 1.5.4, OpenCart 1.5.5, OpenCart 1.5.5.x, OpenCart 1.5.6.x, OpenCart 1.5.x, OpenCart 2.0.x

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on your web site reward customers for signing up for your newsletter reward customers for posting a new product review (approved by admin required) reward for customer birthdays reward customer purchases reward points based on specific products. Check total awarded points in mini cart / order reviews customers can check their reward points balance & expiry check point currency exchange rate track their detailed transactions history manage earning rules