Sitemap users plugin wordpress archive seo

Sitemap users plugin wordpress archive

If you have any suggestions for additional features or changes to to be made please feel free to archive leave a comment including users/authors of your wordpress website in sitemaps is currently not possible with sitemap plugins (at the time of writing) due to the complexity. The user archive that is easily created with a few clicks in this plugin creates a section of your website that you wordpress can customize author that allows visitors to search for members by the first character of there username responsive. All you need to do is submit the sitemap to google & the other search engines

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for them to keep membership checking to see if any new users have signed up or changed there profile picture. As well as a human browsable archive of users the plugin also activates an xml sitemap for users of your wordpress website to be listed so search google engines can find parts of your website it struggled too before. What google say about offering sitemaps (xml & html) & its importance to seo this plugin was member created because there was nothing else on the market or available for free that came close to offer what this does