Snippets rich wordpress plugin seo

Snippets rich wordpress plugin

Reviews & ratings people products businesses & organizations recipes events microdata music (i’ve tested all shortcode snippets with the rich snippet testing tool. Set up your own rich snippets code or just edit the pre installed ones define the html markup that you need for the microdata (note that no php programming shortcodes skills are needed but php can be used if you want to do some special things) save your settings & use the generated shortcode in your posts. Google+ snippets author information in search results wordpress plugin why not checking out our new wordpress rating plugin? t

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WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

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he purple heart rating wordpress plugin is what highlighter you need. You microformats then get informed automatically when a new update is out & you also get generator the updated item delivered right within the wordpress update process. That cool stuff that “pimps” search results on google? this rich snippets wordpress plugin helps you to generate this search results by using structured microdata () vocabulary