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Other versions madmimi subscribe social wordpress mailchimp normal version mad hotmail mimi normal version changelog version. March 14 [+] edit the text of the whole plugin [+] widget & embed code independent sizes [+] disable facebook services of the marketing widget [+] extra_text embed [+] change the color of the extra text [+] change the button class [*] strip_tags() [*] improvement of the english text [*] preventing the user of use the plugin without configuration version. April 14 [+] pop overs plugins integration [+] special pop overs shortcut [+] special newsletter pop overs configurations

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version google. March 14 [+] embed mailchimp with iframe [+] add field wordpress to output extra text to the user in the widget form version. June form 14 [*] improvements in the documentation [*] plugins relative path [*] now works with + with microsoft open_basedir & safe_mode enabled [*] improvements in loading speed [+] error reporting version