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Social specific notification bar

This is because the website owner has no idea what your favourite social network is & thinks that the best way to get you to share this page on your favourite animation social network is to place all of the wordpress buttons at the bottom hoping that you will use one them. What if the user didn’t come to your site from a social network? not a problem we will display a generic notification bar with a custom message to turn these new visitors in regular visitors. To make sure that this notification bar social gets noticed you have the option to perform 30 different animations to get the attention o

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WordPress 3.3

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f your visitor to this message. What if you already knew what your visitors favourite social network is? if you know what social network your visitor css uses you can customise the display of your social media buttons just for this visitor. There are many wordpress plugins out on the market that already do this so what makes specific social notification bar different? with specific social you can display a specific notification bar to your visitors from each of your social networks