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Spam bots does not use javascript spam bots are fully automatic & fills all the inputs using trackback antispam typical parsing patterns filter which can be easily trapped two extra hidden fields are added to comments form. Faq what is anti-spam the difference between the free anti spam & the anti spam pro plugins? anti spam pro plugin includes everything what anti spam plugin has & additionaly has much more comments powerful spam protection & also have settings page anti spam pro randomly generates unique input names suffix for each site. Feel free to ask for help with detailed information about

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the error using comments block section on codecanyon or inbox comments section on web profile & i will do my best to solve your problem trackbacks. This code is unique on each site & it is randomly generated & junk can be changed in anti spam pro settings section add bot support for comments forms loaded via ajax validate options. Completely rewriting the code of the plugin now anti spam pro input protection names are comment unique on each site with anti spam pro plugin because of randomly generated suffix