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Helps improve overall website performance the registration plugin helps keep your wordpress database slimmer & more efficient (keeping your site running faster in the long term) by not allowing the thousands upon thousands of spam comments antispam into it. ) the plugin automatically obfuscates plain text email addresses & mailto links in your pingbacks website spam content by encoding them into html entities (hexadecimal & decimal comment character codes that look like gibberish to harvesters. % pingback/trackback validation & anti spam the trackback validation contains wordpress a filter that

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compares the client ip address contact of the incoming trackbacks & pingbacks against the ip address anti-spam of the server where the link is supposedly register coming from. The javascript/cookies comments anti protection spam layer the algorithmic anti spam layer the first anti spam layer uses a dynamic combination of javascript & cookies to weed out the humans from trackbacks spambots. Why use a captcha when there are better solutions that don’t inconvenience your website users? forms optimized & scalable – won’t slow down your site blacklist this plugin has an extremely low overhead & won’t slow security down your site