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We’ve now increased the priority quite high transitions which should keep rotate other themes at bay the menu is now authentication aware & includes a new lightweight “requires authentication” option. New features will include placing the mobile menu within the page flow with short_code new tablet full 360deg placement of menu items around main desktop menu in a circle. /10/2012 changeset upgraded scripts to use the customizable latest version of the pathmenu added php slide version notification in case the plugin is being used by an inferior version of php. Just get this navbar update 9/15/

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WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.3
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2012 changeset this update is a android complete rewrite wp7 handheld of the plugin & the script files in use is the latest from the release of the standalone version (look there for the fixes applied in the scripts). Made some small superficial code improvements for wp upgraded navigation the plugin with iphone the latest version of the path menu 26/11/2012 changeset fixed an issue on touch devices css3 where the inline menu wasn’t showing at all