Testimonial codematics slider WordPress

Testimonial codematics slider
Slider testimonial customers is a recent development of codematics which provides support for users & client testimonials on your website. Transitions you can add following animations to your testimonials scroll horizontally fade cross fade cover uncover slide how to install uzip company the folder. Features of codematics slider testimonials responsive design easy to install & use custom client post type as a testimonial easy shortcode insertion widget support no web development or design knowledge is needed preview in admin panel html tags support slides can be linked to testimonial details (if

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available) support in wordpress forum if you have any query regarding our plugin or need any support. This is highly customizable plugin where you can add & edit everything you slider need to change according to your needs. S photo or link url you can add link to read more you can create multiple sliders you can display recent testimonials you ready can add testimonials in reverse order