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Will retweet center the twitter columns [single_tweet tweet_id="296149275824492545"] tweet_id – the id of the tweet you want to display [search_tweets query="cats" count="15" type="popular" cols="1" center="false"] widget query – the query you want to search count – latest maximum amount of tweets to display type – the result type will dictate what tweets are returned (possible values are. User timeline – displays a collection of the most recent tweets posted by a specified twitter usermentions timeline – displays your most recent mentions (tweets containing oauth your @screen_name)home timeline –

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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displays your collection of most recent tweets. Retweets & tweets of the users you followsingle tweet – displays a single tweetsearch tweets – displays a collection of relevant tweets matching a specified query easily authorize yourself with twitter (required with twitters api as of version )display tweets using wordpress widgetsdisplay tweets using wordpress shortcodesdisplay tweets using functionschoose how many columns you want icon the tweets to be displayed ineasily configure styling in twitter tweets settingsno reply coding required bird. Will disable hover effects clean codefunctions to call for displaying tweetstweet templating – you can override the default tweet favourite template by placing a tweet template in your theme folderaction & filter hooks full localization supportlogs errors when you fail to connect with twittershows you how many plugin remaining hits to the twitter api you have availabletwitter tweets admin interface fits in with wordpress & doesn’t look out of place if you encounter any bugs or require extra functionality. [user_timeline count="15" screen_name="wickedbroccoli" cols="1" center="false"] count – maximum amount of tweets to display screen_name – screen name of user to wordpress display the timeline of cols – number of columns to split tweets into (between shortcode 1 & 10) center – if true