Video gallery wordpress plugin vimeo youtube w galleries

Video gallery wordpress plugin vimeo youtube w

[ 06/27/2012 ] added error reporting for wrong username / playlist ids added cue first video / cover image options fixed some bugs update [ 05/06/2012 ] fixed a bug with the admin not loading added new features for the html5 player responsive logo support embed support share support added new feature in the admin – import items from yt user or playlist or vimeo user channel external apis requests are now cached for lower server load localization / translation ready update [ 05/04/2012 ] fixed a bug with the gallery not working in html5 mode / ipad update [ 03/31/2012 ] backup fixed some bugs w

Video gallery wordpress plugin vimeo youtube w install

Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7

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ith the admin panel update [ 03/14/2012 ] fixed some bugs with the admin panel update [ 03/10/2012 ] warning – major update & database structure change. [add] ad local skin button timer – change the time after the skip button appears for the advertisement [fix] bug – some players would not be the correct size / dettached from the gallery [fix] bug – fullscreen mode in rotator3d mode messed up [fix] hd / sd options for youtube update [ 06/21/2013 ] [fix] a fatal bug – videos not working on ios in scroller mode [fix] the shortcode generator not working in the admin update [ 06/16/2013 ] [fix] big bug on cms the controls displaying in center of the video [add] you can now have inline ads vimeo display before the video ( this includes iframe. Only html5 mode now ( the full flash player backup is still live ) [tweak] new default settings update [ 11/18/2013 ] [fix] some issues with returning from fullscreen update [ 10/16/2013 ] [fix] a bug with video not working on ios because of cover photo update [ 09/24/2013 ] [tweak] updated flv responsivness on small devices for menu to not be bigger then player size [fix] some bugs update [ 09/11/2013 ] [tweak] cover photos for videos work now for not just the first video [fix] some bugs [fix] player configurations now work [add] player configurations in add new video tab [add] option for video overlay ( for play / pause with click on video ) update media [ 09/03/2013 ] [fix] fullscreen bugs [fix] height not changing update [ 08/30/2013 ] [fix] ipad / iphone bugs update [ 08/29/2013 ] [add] laptop skin [fix] fullscreen bugs update [ admin 08/11/2013 ] youtube [add] navigation space [fix] connection lost bug update [ 07/31/2013 ] [add] pagination to alternatewall [fix] some bugs update [ 07/02/2013 ] [add] jw player compatibility – replace jwplayer wordpress plugin with dzs video gallery wordpress plugin on the fly. You just write the shortcode [video source=”pathtovideo”] or [youtube id=”idofthevideo] or [vimeo id=”idofthevideo”] update [ 08/04/2011 ] added window mode – opaque / transparent option added left & up menu position possibility vimeo fullscreen bug fix feed from vimeo user channel possibility update [ 12/07/2011 ] added wall layout option added default volume option update [ 10/06/2011 ] fixed an autoplay bug where the sound plays first when autoplay off added video gallery widget update [ 22/04/2011 ] fixed a bug where plugin boxes appeared instead of videos on some sites update [ 20/04/2011 ] fixed a bug with vimeo videos not loading ( there seemed to be a change in the mp4 vimeo api ) the js files now only loads where it is needed ( where the pages have the shortcode ) update [ 14/04/2011 ] fixed a bug when thumbnail & autoplay – off are set update [ 31/03/2011 audio ] added a new skin – rouge vimeo thumbs now auto generate [ some servers may not allow that by default. Which by the way looks very good wordpress ( you can see the demo here – ) but if you change the skin in the gallery it won’t go beyond the default one for ios gallery designer center is offered as a bonus & may not work on some servers – no support is offered for this at the moment youtube api allows a maximum of 50 videos retrieved from a playlist at a time themeforest authors can flash use this in their commercial themes with a extended licence front end – back end – [ user