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It bg norge blue chairs & couch by ooh_food two feet of water by favorites emanuela wishlist franchini unknown by unknown by theresa thompson mazzali. Each registered customer gets their own customizable wish list customers can easily add & remove products from their wish list customers can customize their list’s jigoshop name & description customers can get a unique link to share their list with family & friends. It womb chair by ooh_food 1969 drehsessel by diepuppenstubensammlerin floweresque by art rock (hennie) spiral staircase by zeroone list charis by tanakawho shopping bedside table 2

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by moosicorn india by dainis matisons by dainis matisons project. Australian house & garden 1978 by threadbare version 2/13/2013 * ignore wordpress "posts" limit show unlimited wish list items * minor bug fixes with custom table prefixing version 12/17/2012 * improved wpml gift & translation compatibility version 6/12/2012 * allow customization of wishlist view * translation ready * allow multiple variable items in a single wishlist * update alerts version 1/24/2012 * fixes "login" & "register" links on the wish list page for anonymous bookmarks users. Read the support guide wish the jigoshop e commerce plugin (version ) a ecommerce jigoshop compatible theme a properly configured installation wordpress note