Wordpress easy donations

Wordpress easy donations

Donations form shortcode donations list shortcode global donations target shortcode collected funds / target progress bar shortcode collected funds shortcode enable/disable donations amount target add donors to your wordpress users list create a “donor” role in donate you users list export donations list to csv help file css3 animated progress bar (% of target display) thank you email (you can customize it. Animation added anti spam field added css classes & selectors on frontend various bug fixed when a donor pays again now send admin email notification when a new donation is received date in

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WordPress 3.0, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6

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donations list uses wp default date format added new shortcodes deleted auto reminder feature & many other code improvements… – 11/21/2012 added placeholders to donation form (enhancement) added plugin version constant (enhancement) fixed donor thumbnail & message not appearing in some cases in donations list (bug) fixed export function in administration (bug) removed discussion admin metabox (enhancement) fixed return paypal url not working when sites have defautl permalinks structure (bug) fixed donations not appearing in menu on old wp versions (bug) added css & js versions for cache improvment (enhancement) fixed donation amount when adding donations manually from admin (bug) – 10/18/2012 fixed shortcode content above page content added translation strings donation amount in with decimals accepted – 09/26/2012 progress bar bug fixed in value mode donors list shortcode updated donors list donation part of target percentage fixed update notifier system added – 07/09/2012 javascripts loading updated various bug fix updated paypal language selection option to choose custom donation amount added recurring payments feature – 03/23/2012 added paypal language choice minor bugs fix – 03/22/2012 added css3 animated progress bar to display reached percentage of target bug fix on activation on some servers – 03/19/2012 modified donation amount display in admin donations list added donation category in frontend export donations list to csv feature – 03/13/2012 initial release. Click activate plugin – 08/24/2013 fixed bug with recurring monthly payment – 08/02/2013 fixed thank you email not shortcode sent – 03/26/2013 fixed minor bugs added project currency target updated antispam refactored the code – 03/14/2013 fixed minor bugs moved settings page link in main donations menu remove buggy auto updater added translated strings to translations files optimized queries performances added donations projects to export fields refactored & updated the code added donations list pagination fixed missing donor first name & last name in emails notifications not gateway displayed in some cases added new fields. Employer (useful for us residents) – 03/09/2013 fixed minor bugs added new hooks – 02/17/2013 fixed woocommerce conflict – 12/29/2012 manual donation from admin fixed added css & js versions improved time loading (less files) fixed bug “cpt does not appear” in emails menu fixed return paypal url for site not using custom permalinks structure removed discussion admin metabox on donation page fixed export function bug added custom amount & predefined amount in payments the same form fixed donations list thumbnail & message not displayed fixed progress bar not showing with firefox added placeholders to donation form. Log in to your wordpress administration panel click add new in the plugins menu on the left side click on the upload link at the top of the page locate & upload the plugin zip archive after the package donations is money uploaded & extracted