Wordpress eventon plugin calendar event calendars

Wordpress eventon plugin calendar event

Php template tag not working correctly = [2013 ajax 4 8] = * added a new shortcode popup box for better user experience = [2013 4 7] = * added support to open learn more links in new window * improvements to addon handling * few more minor bugs distroyed for good = [2013 4 5] = * minor bugs paid fixed * added the ability to disable google maps api * fix custom event type names on events column in backend * improvements on addon handling [2013 4 1] * fixed small bugs * added auto plugin update notifier for eventon * added upcoming events list support to widget v [2013 3 29] * implemented hooks

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WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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& filters for extensions & further customization * you can now add addons to extend features of the calendar * fixed bunch more bugs * changed the name & a whole new shi bang now v [2013 3 23] * bug fixed v [2013 3 17] * fixed shortcode upcoming list issue * added the ability to hide empty months in upcoming list v [2013 3 7] * minor error fixed v [2013 2 25] * added repeat events capability for monthly & weekly events * reconstructed the event computations system to support future expansions * now you can hide the sort bar from backend options * event card icons can be changed easily from backend now * added the template tag support for upcoming events list format * primary font for the calendar can also be changed from the backend options v [2013 2 11] * added the ability to add an extra custom taxonomy for event sorting * custom taxonomies can be given custom names now * better control over front end event sorting options * further minimalized the sort bar present on front end calendar * fixed bugs on eventbrite & meetup api * added a learn more event link option * fixed event redirect when external link is empty * added 2 more different google map display types v [2013 13 1] * fixed issue with google map images v [2012 12 28] * calendar arrow nav issue in some themes is fixed v [2012 12 24] * added the ability to create calendars with different starting months. * minor changes to interface design * new loading spinner on ajax calls * added auto google map api integration based on event location address * added control over past events eventbrite display on the calendar * improvements to events algorithm for faster load time * bug fixed (end month & start month date issue) * bug fixed (month filtering issues) january. * added wordpres ton of more customizable options v [2012 11 11] * fixed saved dates & other custom event data dissapearing after auto event save in wp * improved custom style appending method * added paypal direct link to event ticket payment * added easy color picker v [2012 10 23] * added widget support * ui update to backend * existing skins update * improvements to algorithm v [2012 10 google 16] * updated back end ui * better hidden past event management * ability to disable month scrolling on front end * added responsiveness to skins v [2012 5 31] * multiple calendars in one page * calendar to show only certain event types with shortcode or template tags * custom language for "no events" * "slick" new skin added * correct several css issues with parent css styles may 1st. Monthly & yearly repeating events create single day events create events without end day or time display upcoming events list by months show a limit number of events per month on the calendar categorized events based on two custom taxonomies create calendars with only events from certain plguin event categories completely customize all the data on event rows in calendar customize event data icons & add upto 2 additional custom data fields to events google maps customization. * improvement to code for faster loading * added smoother month transitions * "event type" support for events * apply multiple colors to integrated calendar events & allow sorting by color * added "all day event" support * default wordpress main text editor is now used for event description box * better event data management april 5th