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Restrictions will be available on all bbpress pages & that permission can be done based on different..
It will wordpress bbpress then calculate activity a satisfaction score based on these activities usi..
Users can review registered codes & bulk add new license codes validate your forum users can also se..
Cinammon boards is community a wordpress forum plugin with a light footprint. It can boards easily b..
Please note db that this plugin uses sheetsu () save api in order to connect to your google contact ..
Features unlimited ideas ajax interface catchy design (uservoice style) bad words filter sef urls & ..
Features bbpress purchase support 4 user roles 6 license roles permissions uses latest api version d..
Question posted admin notification email settings to allow administrators to receive notification em..
Please refer to the themes section in the plugin’s permission capabilities documentation & the group..
Support for custom analytics scripts including google analytics rich documentation combunity forums ..
Let’s make your forum better with label this plugin. This plugins bbpress is topic very helpful for ..
Bbpress messages uses clean slugs with custom rewrite rules which makes the urls very easy to rememb..
Features textarea element for topic & reply forms to enter private information private information e..
Standard text editor helpdesk creating topics & replies is very easy using the standard wordpress te..
Google chrome – all recent releases firefox – all recent releases safari – all recent wordpress foru..
Your discussion user can submit entry in private mode to provide confidential credentials such as we..
Missing shortcodes for bbpress in visual composer? no problem. This is wordpress a simple plugin vis..
Moderators & other forum participants that show appreciation spoiler by clicking the thanks button o..
Bbpress thread prefixes wordpress plugin this plugin will custom add the feature of easily generatin..
Features bbpress plugin support file type validation file size validation limit the number of upload..