Wordpress utility plugins

Demo how it works the plugin allows you to embed css & javascript code into any page custom (or just..
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Font face methodology icon sets are specifically made to use on a website using @font css3 shortcode..
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Web composer google maps plugin to build custom google maps polygons with high quality markers & add..
It categories saves your time management & makes wordpress categorization as easy as. If categorizat..
This plugin allows you to mass convert html files to wordpress posts in few clicks automatically. Yo..
Easy integration to any site 15+ images included animation smoothly fades when page scrolls christma..
Most plugin javascript enabled browsers will make them work with no issues. Mac os wordpress & windo..
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Well fast documented + unlimited support a beautiful folding effect for your self made card html 3d ..
It uses cutting edge technologies ghost to provide the smoothest experience that’s possible. Unique ..
Features easy integration to any site 200+ snowflakes included animation smoothly fades when page sc..
Most hearts javascript enabled browsers will make valentine's them work with no issues. D easy integ..
Control retina icon background colors or gradient styles now resolution set background colors or gra..
Android & blackberry if your phone dies or ninja gets lost there’s a secret url (uniquely generated ..
Our plugin gives you detailed report of every theme views number conversions number themes conversio..
Log in to your wordpress administration panel click add new in the plugins menu on the left side cli..
Are you building theme using redux framework? facing issue to manage options of same type?   here is..