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The [portfolio] will still work [add] higlight color for skin blog on each portfolio item meta options [add] preload all images option [add] prettyphoto lightbox library – you can now choose between zoombox or prettyphoto lightbox for each portfolio update [ 04/05/2013 ] [fix] a bug with the portfolio plugin not showing up [fix] uploader works on wp versions lower then [tweak] wordpress now thumbnails resemble the whole image update [ 04/01/2013 ] [fix] a bug where the shortcode generator would not work [add] new endless scrolling feature – check the third demo [tweak] accordion now works as

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
Yes - HD Ready, FullHD
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.7
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP

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it should. Zoom on photo [add] documentation videos & other android instructions [add] change the “all” keyword from the settings page [fix] accordion style inside gallery fix – now works on the item gallery tab [fix] reported bugs update [ 05/02/2013 ] major update [add] new portfolio item type – gallery [add] new portfolio item type – audio [add] new portfolio item type – video [add] new portfolio item type – testimonial [add] new portfolio item type – link [add] new portfolio item type – twitter [add] new portfolio item type – youtube [add] new portfolio item type – vimeo [fix] reported bugs update [ 04/20/2013 ] [tweak] excerpt now works better & support shortcodes [add] full integration for qtranslate pluggin [add] change highlight color in shortcode generator [add] change overlay start / mouseout position from the meta options of each item [add] change order criteria of listing portfolio items – date / random / title / custom via id=”x. Update [ 06/20/2013 ] [fix] some bugs [tweak] more concise options for linking feature area / meta area [add] you can change the “all” keyword directly in the admin ( settings > dzs portfolio settings ) [add] updated documentation [add] you can have multiple images on a project now ( if the item is of type image & has a “item gallery” attached ) [add] new layout chooser option [add] new skin – skin corporate [add] extra css option in the main settings admin [add] option to enable portfolio meta for pages ( post_type=page ) in the settings admin update [ 05/30/2013 ] [fix] major bug fix on the shortcode generator ipad not opening update [ 05/27/2013 ] [fix] major bug fix on the portfolio items meta update [ 05/27/2013 ] [add] new features for zoombox lightbox like gallery. Now design_item_width update localized [ 03/25/2013 ] added item width field in the shortcode generator for default item width added overwrite item link with big image field in each portfolio item meta fixed do not open big image in lightbox field update [ 03/24/2013 ] added support for youtube videos in the big image field fixed a small bug with force thumb width / height update [ 03/23/2013 ] added support for not opening the image link in a light box update [ 03/22/2013 ] added support for showing categories in the recent posts update [ 03/21/2013 ] added color options where clients used this plugin. Skin clean & skin blog [fix] slider not appearing in skin accordion update [ 10/16/2013 ] [fix] a bug where links would not be clickable in advanced scroller mode [fix] other bugs [add] rtl mode update [ 10/1/2013 ] [fix] a bug where using ” in the category name would mess the javascript [tweak] more smooth animations for when thumb height is dependent on the width [add] premium pagination update [ 09/30/2013 ] [fix] some bugs [tweak] refined page builder update [ 09/10/2013 ] [fix] some bugs [tweak] refined resizing [add] two new skins – skin timeline & skin nebula [add] special grid 6 [add] options in the generator update [ 08/08/2013 ] [fix] permalink section errors [fix] connection lost bug update [ 07/05/2013 ] [add] page builder – edit portfolio items with a drag & drop interface & add sliders with ease fashion ( via an easy to use admin ) update [ 06/20/2013 ] [fix] a fatal conflict in the admin causing admin to not work