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Easily utilize the full potential of wordpress’ preview theme customizer api in your wordpress themes. New settings that you define will be applied follows all themeforest framework submission requirements includes a modified twenty thirteen that already has this add on integrated theme customizer in wordpress live preview updates correctly text checkbox radio buttons select drop down select drop down pages color picker file upload image upload note new textarea new bfithemecustomizer. Bfi theme customizer+ live extends the functionality of wordpress’ theme customizer themes api & also makes it

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WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.6

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easier to use. It also utility allows visitors to your theme author demo sites to plus override customized settings using get variables. Easy to integrate in your wordpres theme makes using wp’s theme customizer api super easy to use take full control of the theme customizer api with extension only 2 function calls easily extendable if you want to create more controls with custom filter hooks automatically creates dynamic css files for your site using wp’s filesystem api the dynamic css file generated is fully cachable automatically allow add your visitors to change styles using get variables in your theme demo sites when your customers update your theme