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No session hijacking & session fixation each user has different name for folder validation where adm..
It is a upload complete crm that allows you to add companies laravel & your contacts within those co..
You can read more on pdf file provided once mycontact your purchase this item. It running well on th..
Only fields 1 main option responsive to configure (your email address) to make the script validation..
Increase donations & other non-profit online sermons contributions made management online. The syste..
It helps you to build a blogging bootstrap platform for make database your own cms without any codin..
Vps script hosting windows supported • apache facebook or iis • php • curl & php curl extension enab..
If you have any questions or you do not understand something – please contact us using the contact r..
System features list php 31 fully responsive layouts 17 pre built image panel effects 800+ icons ret..
Super admin/user demo – username media platform site. Add videos teaching add elearning posts add pa..
Facebook covers pro v (full stand alone facebook cover website build on twitter bootstrap) + admin p..
Call number google search e mail someone weather task report map location launch app check currency ..
  so this is not just a documentation creator but it does online also adds a portfolio role to it. T..
It manager website is focused mainly for photographers but it can very well be used by other creativ..
Is universal online ebooks creation system that provides you ability to create electronic books in s..
Accounting software please check – template online creator invoicing &. Planned features (not fre..
Tasks etc accounting paypal & freshbooks invoices & status feeds & leads organized file system crm s..
This script is finished create a community where fundme different people to help those contribution ..
All process laravel are done via ajax technology. Responsive design multiple theme toaste notificati..
All components included in this dashboard template has been developed to user bring all the potentia..

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