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Are you an author of envato marketplace product? aren’t you tired of refreshing your “author dashboard” page to see if there are new sales or new comments to reply to? are you checking your account balance every 10 minutes like an addict? well. But if you don’t want to provide your api key – the script will still work (will not check account money balance though). Put php script author (1 file) on your server put 1 new line to your crontab file (docs given on how to do it) wait for new mails 10 july 2012 mail message shows updated item namecomments – sends link to feedback particular discussion

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jQuery, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.x

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with quantitysales – sends link to a new item with quantityadded mail footercode refactored we provide free support & upgrades for all our customers. Feel free to contact us new if you miss any option or envato have any problems with your website integration. Why wouldn’t you use it too? checks your balance every monitoring x minutes & sends you an email cron on updates