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Advanced php string class

Regexp get number of coincidences of a regexp get regexp validator values in two different ordered ways regular parse number clean (example. ) check if a string is advanced utf 8 get biggest or smaller value in an array check if a number is between other two validate email validate telephone validate zip count code validate hexadecimal validate smart ipv4 validate filesize validate card number (credit/debit) get company card by number (visa. ) get how many times a word appears in a string convert to upper/down a string replace an array of words expression in a string parse unix date clean sql

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jQuery, PHP 5.x

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or html. Allowing to declare exceptions to not parse be cleaned get seconds of difference between two validate dates add seconds to check a date extend a date (get years. You can temporaly or permanently add more words you can replace blocked words with what you want you can count dates or anti get blocked words found in a string rating will spam be really appreciated