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Affiliate cj website pro
Responsive design requirements mod_rewrite (come as standard with most web host) 1 mysql database php or higher cj affiliate by conversant api key cj affiliate money by conversant website id important. Sign up to cj affiliate by conversant here installation cj affiliate website pro is very easy to install using the one page junction installer. Dashboard online stats admin area view/edit/delete/add products cj in admin area view/edit/delete/add pages in admin area view/edit/delete/add widgets in admin area widget positions – footer. Search page admin forget password reset add advertising banners w

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PHP 5.6, PHP 7.x

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ithin widgets easiliy change admin viral details add additional admin users responsive modern design – mobile commission. Yearly) for google etc to crawl in the affiliate admin area cron job shedule – for automatic bulk importing visitors make can search items media gallery for uploaded images freindly admin notifications using javascript seo friendly urls easily import products with one click refine product import by search keyword