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Albums auto multi grid responsive level

There is no limit so you can keep creating folders or albums thumbnails of images inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder & the plugin will still reading levels them all creating a navigation at the grid top so you can go back in whatever level of your choice. Random choose an image for the folder cover of the album if you want the plugin can pick a random image from an album to make it the folder cover image alubms show the number of images & folders portfolio inside you can link to another page when you click in a thumbnail fully responsive grid & lightbox support images of any dimensions

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
PHP 5.3
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP

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& it will keep the right proportions navigation bar set automatic the number of images to load at start & when you click the “load more images” button support thumbnails for the grid only to the images you want to improve performance full width. The grid will adapt to the 100% of its container if you set the width of each column to ‘auto’ you can specify a static width for each column or specify number of columns when specifying dynamic the number of responsive columns you can set the minimum width for each column css3 effects direction aware infinite hover effect lightbox with slideshow (play. If tiles you are having a hard time deciding which plugin to buy (of the grid gallery ones) you can read a little description on the main differences between them on my profile page here stop adding your images manually masonry in your page. This is an example of a gridfolio directory that the plugin can read (as you wall can see mosaic you can organize your images in any way you want & the plugin will read your directory automatically)