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The entire script is just a single php file making it very easy to install & distribute along side your projects. Backup of your server files into a single zip archive download backups to your computer automate you backups with a cron task (if you do not have access to cron you can use a third party service from easycron) email notifications when your backups are complete mobile & tablet friendly 03 12 2013 bug fix in mysql export added easycron support removed compressed version for better support of bugs & error reports 15 08 2013 updated zip file. With a option to include a mysql database

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Chrome, Firefox, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.3

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as part of the backup. Added readme file 20 05 2013 bug fix sql dump for primary & unique indexes 07 05 2013 fixed sql dump for unique indexes fixed redirect when deleting/creating a backup to redirect to last page the user was on. Updated style to support mobile devices 16 04 2013 fixed routing issues (nginx/php fastcgi) updated form styling 30 10 2012 added the option to include a mysql site database dump added email notification when the backup completes added command line support to run as a cron task updated overall styling 20 05 2010 initial release