Bulletin simple board edition bootstrap sbb4 php scripts miscellaneous

Bulletin simple board edition bootstrap sbb4

This is a bundled version of the simple bulletin board – sbb4+ edition & the implemented simple bulletin – bootstrap pack if you already have a purchased copy of simple bulletin board & like to use the bootstrap skins there’s no need to forum purchase this item. For those their server doesn’t support the gd library – same lookalike enable/disable/set number of topics per page avatars can be uploaded by users to their profiles signatures can be defined by users own templates sbb can be defined png sources for the buttons are integrated users can register bootstrap themself & are able to post t

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, Layered PNG, PHP, SQL

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opics immediately after registration & logging in administrators can make users to administrators. Last login in userlists enable/disable registration online board administration enable/disable user to user messaging seo links & titles categories (forums) for your board overall search function protecting from doubleposts caused by reloading or double clicks or smthg. Twitter) since recaptcha as third captcha module since protecting forum from non registered users private messages system different permissions (view/post/reply) for different forums (including guests) automatically resizeing of uploaded avatars indicating new topics defaultxhtml template (light xhtml) carboncity template (dark xhtml) silk template bbcode (dark xhtml) slime template (dark xhtml) marabellow template (dark xhtml) velvet template (dark xhtml) default bootstrap template (light bootstrap template) bootswatch’s cerulean template (light bootstrap template) bootswatch’s cyborg template (dark bootstrap template) bootswatch’s slate template (dark bootstrap template) bootswatch’s spacelab template (light bootstrap template) add users in the board administration external statistics module external last topics module external board avatars possibility to order (asc/desc) users by name. Multi topic management users can enable/disable board & user notifications users can contact other users via the board (if notification enabled) users will be notified if one of their active topics got bulletin a new post bb code for topics & posts is implemented youtube support vimeo support attachments polls rss feeds textexports useractivation by user