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Caching anysize image resizer

If you set both generation w & h & do not set a to “false” the system will produce an image that fits within the box defined by w images & h while maintaining the aspect ratio. When you request an image the first time the result is stored resize in thumbnails a cache folder & all further requests use that cache.       want to define the size of your “thumbnail” image? want to add a “megaawesome” option so you can request images/ ? want cache to disable arbitrary resizing (options 4 & 5)? no problem.   included in the anysize download gallery is a speed optimized version of the script that u

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PHP 5.x

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ses just the size flag (s) & boosts the cache speed for reziser truly lightweight & lightening fast operation. “images” the image is returned at its native resolution a thumbnail is presented a medium sized image is presented an image with max width 150px & max height 100px is presented