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We remove all the data every 24 hours & restore creatives songs everything to the original state. Can like/unlike a song access to history of plays a profile page with the public activity feed can play all songs in a playlist or favorites features for authors can create albums add songs to sound an existing album in profile page there’s a tab for the published songs features for admins discover can edit/remove users can edit/remove albums & songs for any author can manage comments on the site can add/remove new genres can add posts to the blog artists demo you can see this app running using the f

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE11, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP
PHP 7.x

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ollowing users. Can explore authors songs trending by genre or tags can play published songs can create playlists & add songs to any of them. This will share allow you to easily create another client such as a native app to access the platform composers. Share your music with the upload world with this app you cloud can create a community of musicians & creatives