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Completely template based for easy design modifications multilanguage ( easily adding more languages ) created with hmvc php ( codeigniter ) & the amazing twitter bootstrap – easy to modify sending & to understand full source code smtp / sendmail / php mail support files renamed for security reasons. ) added google analytics support added category / folder support ( add files to categories by drag & drop ) added lightbox support for images added imagemagick support added live search support added tag support added spanish language file ( thanks to enrique ) some small bugs fixed 2013/05/10 (

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE8, IE9, Safari
PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

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v. We would like to thank twitter for it’s amazing twitter bootstrap ellislab for codeigniter the jquery foundation for jquery build internet for it’s amazing ‘supersized’ full screen background blueimp for it’s wonderful jquery ajax upload bootstrap wysihtml5 zero clipboard bootstrap cloud tags manager. You’ll find the complete list on english german dutch ( thanks to kay van aarssen – ictwebsolution ) french ( thanks to maximebanhammer – beat host asso – github repo ( actual ) ) spanish ( thanks to enrique ) transfer portuguese ( thanks to dennis ) 2013/08/09 ( ) portuguese language added. Png preview error 2013/06/17 ( ) added french language file ( thanks to maximebanhammer ) 2013/06/13 ( ) added dutch language file ( application thanks to kay van aarssen ) 2013/06/10 ( ) bugfix on user side success message when creating a public with password protection bugfix in administration system when trying to save thumbnail settings ( white upload page appears ) 2013/05/28 ( v