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Community shotpro script
Built with laravel bootstrap authentication with twitter font awesome icomoon flat ui send behance message direct/private with attachments teams team members users can create projects users can create lists to organize your favorite designers follow/unfollow users tags find people notifications real time comments on shots like on shots like on comments block/unblock users option delete account upload cover user validation by email recovery password an email. By shotpro account report users/publications change password api for developers sitemaps edit/delete publications users can create ads users

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, Opera, Safari
CSS, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.4

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can create jobs integration with paypal animated gifs community allowed(only if it is enabled on the server imagick) views counter color palette in the shots/publications xss. Protection from cross site scripting secure bcrypt password hashing smtp support navigation with arrow dribbble keys like in the social shots with the. Change the site name change the site title welcome statistics enable/disable news registrations enable/disable login with twitter enable/disable captcha enable/disable script email verification allow attachments in shots allow attachments in messages set keywords for the site. Enabled function mbstring images this script was developed with php oop & mvc allow_url_fopen () is on mcrypt php extension important