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This is a very common setting problem when developing code config that is intended to be distributed & this item will make this problem very easy to solve. Php file ensures the compatibility of your scripts across varying systems can force / emulate 177 settings simple & easy to use lightweight supported settings off precision y2k_compliance output_buffering output_handler implicit_flush unserialize_callback_func serialize_precision open_basedir ignore_user_abort max_execution_time memory_limit error_reporting display_errors display_startup_errors log_errors log_errors_max_len ignore_repeated_errors

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jQuery, PHP 5.x

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ignore_repeated_source report_memleaks report_zend_debug track_errors xmlrpc_error_number html_errors docref_root docref_ext error_prepend_string error_append_string error_log variables_order request_order register_globals register_long_arrays register_argc_argv magic_quotes_gpc magic_quotes_sybase magic_quotes_runtime auto_prepend_file auto_append_file default_mimetype default_charset always_populate_raw_post_data include_path from user_agent default_socket_timeout auto_detect_line_endings define_syslog_variables smtp smtp_port sendmail_from this item will ensure the compatibility across varying systems by setting many of the common values that cause problems to values that you choose. Key features magic works with any quotes. Support if there are any ini problems php.ini with this item. The best place to ask is option in the forum as i globals check that at least once a day