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Htaccess file updated config file updated (config/) autoload file updated (config/) routes file updated (config/) breadcrumbs helper updated (helpers/) image helper added (helpers/) page model updated – reduced number of queries (models/) pages module updated – disabled auto slug (url) creation in edit item mode hooks enabled in config file & created content a hook file (hooks/) news module added database update for news module language files updated for photo news module admin assets folder use updated (css & images) demo design update – updated css & file. Bug fix – gallery latest_images helper

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Chrome, Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
jQuery, MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

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was pulling wrong images from the gallery codeigniter framework updated to version bug fix – gallery paginator langauge abbrevation was missing causing broken links bug fix – menu helper active state was not working properly bug fix – file manager cookie was destroyed after some time even if the user was logged in bug fix – news rss wrong feed link bug cms fix – broken gallery image when delete first image new – articles module new – image language list type new – pull images from specific gallery new – default front end design new easy – 404 seo page template folder permission is set to 755 when image helper automatically creating a new folder bug fix – link is not displayed properly when added an external url with https. // prefix into the menu item url field bug fix – an error was appearing when deleting system users bug fix – media php files are now properly embeded on the news page multilanguage & news entries new admin design quickauth authorization library has been deprecated. Front end & back end multilanguage support user groups support easy to use seo friendly pages module news module articles module gallery modular module contact form module tinymce editor with file & image manager administration management front end preview username. // prefix bug fix – gallery become invisible when you delete first image in the gallery bug friendly fix – menu item delete checkbox was automatically selected when you click on the menu item textfield or table row bug fix file manager security risk patched date format can now be set at a global level through the main configuration file wysiwyg editor upgraded to version codeigniter framework upgraded from to version added auto caching system for labels & editable elements breadcrumbs() helper optimized news rss feed added admin assets folder moved to root added pages confirm password text field to users module the first picture in the gallery is now set as the gallery cover image list_languages() helper now supports three types of output (href