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Mac os x support (should work at least on snow leopard & mountain lion) removed xvfb dependency new documentation (previous documentation very limited) fixed linux/pdf generation issue converts pdf & png image on windows/linux using local binaries note. Php script module entry using fastcgi & to render php files linux minimum requirements pdf on a new machine 1) get apache (sudo apt get install apache2) 2) get php5 (sudo apt get install php5) 3) extract deliverable zip file that contains the phpsite folder 4) move phpsite over to /var/www capture (sudo mv phpsite /var/www) 5) add execute permissions

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PHP 5.x
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to bin lin & write permissions for generated lin for everyone (owner. Allow execution) (sudo chmod 777 generated lin) 6) try mac os x snow leopard / mountain lion 1) install apache (apachectl start) 2) setup php (uncomment loadmodule php5_module libexec/apache2/ in /etc/apache2/) 3) restart apache (apachectl restart) extract phpsite to /library/webserver/documents 4) add permissions to output folder (chmod 777 generated mac) 5) go to the bin mac folder. Programs area) 4) download the deliverable & extract the zip which contains the phpsite folder 5) add read/write permissions to the generated win folder for everyone 6) add a new website to wkhtmltopdf http iis on the location of phpsite 7) add as default document 8 ) add *. Or added to an existing project default behavior as an http post shipped with a standalone website solution for generating both pdf documents & png screen shots of a specified url or page uses local windows & linux binaries shipped with html the application (no system dependencies required) can be deployed into a iis or an apache web server